Baltic players on biggest Europe stages
WDF     Arunas     Sunday 26 January 2014 - 18:48:39

January was a good month for our players.

Lakeside World Professional Championships 2014

At first - World darts championship in Lakeside, 2014. Madars Razma won place here as the best BDO Scandinavian ranking player of 2013.

Madars Razma started with a victory - “Lakeside World Professional Championships 2014″ (04.01.2014.) Last 40:
Madars Razma (Latvia) - John Michael (Greece) 3:2 (0:3;3:2;3:2;2:3;3:1)

but next natch was no so good as first:
“Lakeside World Professional Championships 2014″ (06.01.2014.) Last 32:
Madars Razma (Latvia) – Geert De Vos (Belgium) 1:3 (3:2;0:3;1:3;1:3)

So we have first ever player from Baltic States on Lakeside stage.

Gold Cup 2014, Bremen, Germany

Our 2 players played here (383 men):

Madars Razma lost in last 32,
Darius Labanauskas played in semifinal, were he lost Jan Dekker 1:1 (2:0 1:2 1:2).
Aw: Darius 95,19 - J.Dekker 102,12.
Match stats -here-
Last 32 sheet you can see -here-

Our both players played and doubles tournament in Sunday, but lost in last 8.

Waiting good perfomance from them in Dutch Open next weekend. It wil be the biggest tournament in Europe - more then 2000 players.

video link you can find below


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